Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Mobile Marketing Menage A Trois

I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come with mobile marketing.

I am now watching The Apprentice just to see what kind of mobile marketing/text messaging campaign they will offer, but what I see a mobile marketing mess.

For starters, there's a half page ad in the TV Guide titled "It's Crunch Time in the Boardroom"
Sign up for tonight's episode reminder by sending "CRUNCH" to 48433.

48433 short code is registered to Direct TV.

During the show last night, they ask you to go to www.nbc.com for cell phone text messages. Text APP to NBCTV (62288) to get text messages from The Donald.

Why would they want viewers to leave the screen? Wouldn't it make more sense to just have people send a text during the show? Is it easier to get permission via a website than a text?

ipsh! with short code 65570, is also providing a text messaging campaign around The Apprentice.

Three shortcodes around one show. Wrong.

There should be ONE short code with different keywords for different advertisers. Who can remember all of these codes. It is this shortsightedness that will just lead everyone to one or two shortcodes they can remember.

Did anyone notice the ad from Quaker Oats cereal during the show? Quaker Oats versus Post Cereal. Interesting, kind of like using a trademark for a search engine. I'm surprised NBC allowed that.


OTAir.com said...

I agree it was very odd to ask people to go to a web site to get the short code and very simple instructions for receiving text messages, especially when the text messages come in during the show. I didn't check the site until the show was over, so signing up at that point is almost meaningless...I have to wait a week to receive much of anything.

I don't get the TV Guide, is it clear from the ad in there that the CRUNCH episode reminder is only for last night's show, or will they send regular reminders before each episode? Also, is the TV Guide ad more for The Apprentice or for Grape-Nuts Trail Mix Crunch?

Sin Hang said...

The reason why there is not only one shortcode for different keywords is simple - money. The show will have to lease the code (down payment + monthly rental) for 6 months or one year or beyond. And viewers will merely text in to get "free" info. So the show would be doing this at a loss. By contracting the texting campaigns to third parties, the show offload the costs to these other people and still get the word out. I'm not arguing if this is moronic or texting overkill, I'm just telling you how these things are.