Thursday, March 23, 2006

Barablu Offers Free Mobile to Mobile Calls

From Digital Lifestyle Barablu offers free mobile to mobile calls

A new service, Barablu , launches today claiming to offer free voice calls and text messages between mobile phones.

The phone handsets that work with this service must support WiFi - and Barablu have gone to great lengths of draw this to our attention.

Simply get a WiFi-enabled mobile phone, put the Barablu software on and you're able to chat freely to anyone else on their service, no matter what platform they're on.

Like other VoIP offerings, Barablu offers the ability to call people on 'normal' landlines who aren't on their network - at a charge

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Media Mogul said...

I noticed this story before and was wondering if you could explain a little further. Is it basically a case of paying your mobile operator a charge to access the internet per minute or does it just depend on how much you download? I understand the concept of VoIP if both parties have it it is free but I assume the charge you meet is for internet access. I wasn't sure exactly how Wi-Fi worked and how you were charged? Thanks a lot!