Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol Text Messaging Campaign Doesn't Sit Idle

It's a sign text messaging is being adopted in the States, finally.

You will notice that Cingular and American Idol are getting creative with text messaging, but more importantly they are turning the cell phone into a "remote control" for the TV.

The possibilities are endless with this.

From Yahoo Biz Cingular realizing record breaking American Idol text messaging results

American Idol Season 2- 7.5m text messages (debut season)
American Idol Season 3- 13.5m
American Idol Season 4- 41.5

Cingular will kick off this Idol TXT Chat season with an upcoming chat with Ryan Seacrest. Once it's down to the Final 12, Cingular customers will have the opportunity to chat with an "Idol" contestant who was eliminated from the previous night's show each week.

Fans will post questions, as part of a group chat, to the "Idol" contestant during a designated time and then will receive a text back with the contestant's response

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