Thursday, March 02, 2006

Search Giants Go Mobile

I suspect you will see a mad dash of applications for mobile information now that Google said they see lots of opportunity here.

It is also why I think you will find The Next Google here.

From Red Herring Search giants lured by mobile

Moves by Google and Yahoo to make deals with wireless carriers and mobile phone makers to add Internet search and data services to cell phones could prove to be highly lucrative down the road, analysts said Wednesday.

The market for search and other data services on cell phones is currently not that big but the potential is huge, said Mike Disabato, a senior analyst with the Burton Group.

“It is a really precious real estate, as everything will be data in the future,” Mr. Disabato said.

Many mobile users don’t even know how to get online using their phones, let alone access Google’s web portal or download Yahoo’s email software.

That’s why the mobile and search industries are joining forces to pre-install these services, said Avi Greengart, a principal analyst of mobile devices for the research firm Current Analysis

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