Friday, March 03, 2006

Radio Stations Start Offering Text Message Updates With MJI

I like the opportunities this offers for mobile marketing.

Can you see how valuable this will be on a local level? Your local radio channel could offer traffic and weather alerts. Wouldn't it be nice to get the traffic alert in a timely manner via SMS?

From RW Online MJI Touts new text messaging tool

MJI Interactive says a new version of its Mobile Xpress Messenger will be available March 6. The software allows affiliated radio stations to text-message listeners about events and breaking news.(I would include traffic and Amber alerts).

Here in Florida, getting hurricane updates via SMS would be nice too.

"Our new software capabilities were specifically developed so stations can participate in two-way messaging without having to pony up the additional expense of short codes," said Margaret Shiverick, president of MJI Interactive.

The only obstacle is getting permission to send the SMS alerts. With some creativity, radio stations could tap into the local advertising market.

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