Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Google SMS Offers Stock Quotes

From Google Weblogs Preview of Google SMS service

Google’s SMS text-messaging service now supports stock ticker symbols. It also delivers a wide range of Google Q&A information, and results from Google Local.

If you haven’t tried it on your cell phone, and are curious about the type and formatting of the SMS results, Google has put up a demo page(they took it down) that reveals what Googling over SMS looks like.

I tried it, it's fast. Looks like Google is giving 4INFO a run for its money.

Some other ideas to try.

Local : hospital San Jose CA
Phonebook : 2122269817
Driving directions : pasadena CA to santa monica CA
Movies : batman begins 94043
Weather : weather dallas tx
Stock quotes : tgt
Q&A : population of Japan
Glossary : define prosimian
Froogle : price mp3 player
Zip code : 94043
Area code : 650
Calculator : 160 pounds * 4000 feet in calories
Help : help
Tips : tips

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