Monday, July 11, 2005

Wireless Content Race

From A twist in mobile browser wars

If wireless carriers don't offer more compelling services, they may be reduced to mere pipelines for other companies' content

The mobile browser, they figured, was their key to controlling more than 1 billion mobile Web surfers. But was it?

Recent statistics show that U.S. traffic in key areas of mobile browsing have actually been falling so far this year

The trouble? You can find out soon enough by trying to type a Web address into a mobile phone and then waiting for new pages or menus to appear.

Much of the most popular mobile content is not generated by the cell phone or Internet industries that have been battling over the mobile browser,it comes from the users themselves

That poses a threat to wireless service providers. If they fail to establish popular services on their handsets, they'll be reduced to simple pipelines -- and will be hard pressed to recoup the investments they're making on speedy next-generation wireless networks

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