Friday, July 29, 2005

UIP Makes Banner Ads Interactive Through Mobile

From New Media UIP streams trailers to mobiles from banner ads

Yet another way to make an ad interactive

United International Pictures (UIP) has kicked off an online campaign for horror film The Skeleton Key using a new banner format that enables users to get the film's trailer sent to their mobile phone directly from the ad.

The ad format, developed by rich-media supplier Tangozebra, enables users to enter their phone number directly into the ad to get a 30-second video trailer sent to their mobile. They can watch and store the clip on their phone and forward it to friends.

The ad works on both 2.5G and 3G phones. If a user's phone is incompatible, they will receive a text message apologising and directing them to the official movie Web site.

"Although users can already watch the trailer online, the great thing about getting it on their mobiles is that they can forward it on, giving the campaign a viral element," said Patrick Affleck, senior account manager at Zed.

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