Sunday, July 31, 2005

Location Based Services With Click Of A Mouse From Closer

From PR New UK-based mobile phone location service launched

If given permission, Big Brother, seems closer all the time.

But Big Brother doesn't involve permission, so could this service be called "little sister"?

Today Rock Seven Mobile Services Limited launched a new 'mobile location' service called 'Closer.' The service allows their website users to locate individuals anywhere in the UK using a mobile phone signal.

Simple and easy to use, the system allows both businesses and consumers to locate their staff or family members at the click of a mouse.

The system works with mobile phones on Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Fresh, Tesco and EasyMobile.

Owners of the mobile phones to be located must give their permission first, by way of a text message.

The accuracy of the system varies, depending on the location in the UK. In cities and built-up areas the accuracy is usually between 100m and 1000m. In rural areas, where mobile transmitters are less dense, accuracy ranges from about 1km to 5km. Some mobile networks perform better than others.

After the trial period, an account costs a one-off fee of £50 + VAT and each time a user locates someone, it costs 25p + VAT.

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