Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Will We Do When?

One sentence in this Business Week article really hit the nail on the head.

It's a story about Google's growth making Microsoft and Yahoo look like also rans, but an observation should be a HEADS-UP for mobile marketing

Here it is:

Research shows that Web surfers increasingly use search as a means to navigate the Web, often in lieu of the URL box-the space in a browser where users type in a Web address. (interesting they use the word navigate, not search).

So Web users know where they want to go, but choose a search engine to guide them. Isn't that want mobile search will be? You think Web users will be more apt to type a query in this?

So even if people able to type in web addresses with a full-sized keyboard, they choose to use a search engine. Is it because most search engines correct your spellign mistakes for search queries? Is it because one or two words usually resolves what site you're looking for?

What does this say for the future of mobile Internet? Will people use a search engine to "navigate" that too? Remember search is typing in "book" in a search engine, navigating is typing in Amazon.
I know where I want to go, just give me the link with navigation.

What will be the "search engine" of choice for the mobile Web?

Better yet, what will be the navigation engine for the cell phone?



Anonymous said...

The least cluttered one.

Anonymous said...
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