Thursday, July 07, 2005

Talking Wine Bottle

From Talking wine label for consumers

A "talking" wine label could soon tell consumers in Italy everything they want to know about a particular bottle -- from its production history to the kind of food it should accompany

Tuscan company Modulgraf is putting the final touches on the product to be launched in November

The new "label" would consist of a chip implanted in the bottle that could be listened to with a small device about the size of a cigarette package in the wine shop or the restaurant

Here's a better idea. Instead of spending all that money on a chip for every bottle of wine, just make every bottle of wine interactive by "turning on" the barcode.

Not only would it be much cheaper, but the information that you could offer can be changed at any time (wine-tasting fairs, special retail offers). Once the chip is put on the bottle, the information is static, make the advertising/information dynamic.

Playing the chip will not give the wine company any information about the consumer, but clicking on the bacode on the back can allow the wine manuf to have the consumer "opt-in" to their next advertising campaign.

I also think anybody that interested in the information on a bottle of wine will be more apt to be carrying a web-enabled phone. See the opportunity?

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