Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sponge The Fastest Growing Mobile Marketer Gets Soaked up?

Sponge, the fastest growing mobile company, looks like they will soon be acquired.

Today they announced they are calling in advisor to handle takeover bids.

Leading mobile services company Sponge has retained an advisor to help it negotiate a possible trade sale as a result of considerable interest in the company

A campaign I've been watching is their mobile marketing that includes magazines.

Sponge announced yesterday a campaign for Diageo and Smirnoff.

Diageo offered consumers the chance to win a trip to New York via an SMS promotion that sat at the heart of its new marketing campaign for Smirnoff Appleback - a new cocktail combining the Smirnoff vodka with ginger ale and apple juice.

I was getting ready to release my list of mobile marketing companies and find one may be acquired.
I'm curious who picks this company up. The space is just getting warmed up and consolidation occurring

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