Monday, July 25, 2005

4INFO Offers HotSpot Info Through SMS

From Find a hotspot from your cellphone

A small two-year-old company called JiWire is building a business by licensing its global wireless hot-spot locator, first to Web sites and now to mobile content providers.

4Info, a mobile search service, has signed a licensing agreement with JiWire where users send a text message to 4-INFO (44636) from their mobile phones to find hot spots anywhere in the United States. The service will be available starting Aug. 1.

Just send a text mesagge to 44636 and subject should be "hotspot your zipcode/city" Try it on your PC here

What happens when cellphones can automatically find a hotspot?

The JiWire Web site is a must-read for anyone hooked on all things wireless. It provides product news and reviews, tips and tricks, how-to guides and a Wi-Fi locator that lists nearly 69,000 hot spots in more than 100 countries

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