Thursday, July 28, 2005

MobilRelay A Physical World Connection Company

Another company in the Physical World Connection category, MobilRelay, gave me an email interview to discuss what they do, and what they are working on.

What does MobilRelay do? (describe your technology or service)

MobilRelay has two offerings PAGA and Mobile Box Office.

PAGA is a fulfillment center that generates, stores, and delivers Tickets and Coupons to mobile phones. One thing we have noticed when approaching ticket brokers, and the like, is that they do not have the necessary software in place to enable the mobile browsing and purchasing of tickets.

We have developed such software and branded it Mobile Box Office (MBO).

One unique thing is that it’s not just about what this technology can do, it goes further than that… Once this technology is in place what additional value can be created around it. One major area is in Mobile to Mobile transfer of tickets.

To give you an example, (when in season) the Red Wings sell out every game but, there may be 2,000 empty seats. At the last minute your kid gets sick or you’re out of town either way you are one less person buying hotdogs, beer, and merchandise. That means lost revenue and if being able to send your tickets to a friend could solve that problem then venue and sport club owners would be interested in looking at it.

Do you cater to the corporation or consumer

Our technology has been developed to offer new ways for consumers to interact with tickets and coupons. We feel the best way to get this technology in the market place is through existing channels and services. Our model is based on software licensing which will enable our clients to utilize the value of mobile phones in their ticketing and couponing offerings.

PAGA...what does that stand for

PAGA is a Spanish and Italian word meaning “to buy”.

What is taking so long for service providers to adopt the "physical world connection" technology

Well, each technology has its own requirements and with “physical world connection” technology you bring in a third party into the mix, so it takes more than the carriers deploying them for it to be successful. I think once you see larger campaigns being supported by major brands, services, retailers, and the like, you will see carriers start to look at ways to integrate them.

Who are your competitors and partners

We are currently in discussions with Paperclick as our technologies are extremely complementary. While our technology sends barcodes to mobile phones theirs enables mobile phones to read them. We feel that together we represent the “yin and yang” of mobile bar-coding and that could be very effective in the right campaigns.

Mobiqa is the closest technology to ours that we have seen, although our technologies work in different ways. We feel our technology is best suited for the U.S. Carrier Networks and some of the key differences between our technologies give us a competitive advantage.

Are there any campaigns you have done, or are doing that you would like to share?

We are getting ready to launch the first movie theater in the U.S. that will deliver bar-coded tickets to mobile phones. We are excited to introduce this to the public and are doing so in a world class facility.

If you could land one customer/client, who would it be?


Fill this inMobilRelay will absolutely change the way we interact with tickets and coupons in the next 3-5 years .

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