Friday, July 15, 2005

Here's How Verisign Gets Juiced

Energic finds a great story on Verisign getting Juiced with Jamba!

In 2004, Verisign, the company, best known for enterprise security and e-commerce, paid $273 million for Berlin, Germany-based Jamba!, which provides a platform for downloading applications, ringtones and video to cell phones.(mobile content)

Earlier this year, it paid $270 million for LightSurf Technologies, which develops multimedia messaging technology.(messaging)

The acquisitions, which are part of its Communications Services Group, have allowed VeriSign to transform itself from a provider of traditional Internet services into the wireless Internet, which many analysts believe is a multibillion-dollar opportunity

VeriSign was able to move from Internet services to wireless services because of its existing Internet network and e-commerce capabilities.

Here's what many fail to see. In Jan 2004, Verisign was awarded the contract to assign URL's to RFID tags (domain names).That may not mean much today, but soon when cell phones scan an RFID tag, that will have significant value.

Today Coke Classic has one barcode for every one it the millions of cans out there. With RFID, every can will have its own tag. The numbers grow exponentially

Put content, messaging and domains together and now see how Verisign gets juiced?

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