Friday, July 29, 2005

Symbol Looks Vulnerable, Or Does It?

From Inside Wall Street column Symbol looks vulnerable

Symbol Technologies (SBL ) is giving off bad vibes: In six months the shares have slumped from 19 to 11. U.S. and European sales are weak for its laser-scan engines, bar-code readers, mobile computing, and radio-frequency ID (RFID) technology.

In three weeks, Symbol twice cut its second-quarter forecast. And the July 14 resignation of CFO Mark Greenquist added to worries

But David Katz of Matrix Asset Advisors has snapped up 5.2 million shares for clients. He believes Symbol may be bought out. "The depressed stock makes it vulnerable to a takeover," says Katz. "It makes enormous sense" for a big wireless and mobile computing outfit to own Symbol.

Or maybe, just maybe, David Katz sees this opportunity


Anonymous said...

That's an old article - Katz made his statement BEFORE the CEO of Symbol defected to NCR.
Katz has a large position in SBL - over 5 million shares - and he's lost $1 a share over the past three months.

What "value" do you perceive in RFID tags having individual web addresses? Tags will proliferate, but I sort of doubt they will have home pages...or will blog.

Scott Shaffer said...

RFID tags WILL have their own URL. Not tomorrow but eventually.
What value will their be?

Domain names prices are coming down every yr to a point where I think they will be given away just to get web-hosting biz.

They won't have home pages, per se.

They will have date of production, batch number, location of production, shipped on x date, authentification, rebate verification, warranty, coupon, how-to video, ringtones, screensavers ...etc

When an RFID tag gets a URL, and a device can resolve the tag as a machine readable identifer, you're looking at physical world connection.

Why did Verisign want the ONS business for RFID then so bad?

Pick up Smart Mobs by Howard Rheingold.

The possibilities are endless.