Friday, July 08, 2005

Qix, A Search App For Mobile Phones

From Moving Experiences Qix from Zi Corp could revolutionize search on mobile phones
Qix could be thought of as Google or A9 on the phone. It lets you find anything just by typing on the keyboard.

The SW will index the content on the phone and enable search from the idle so that the number keypad enters text mode on the second keypress and starts suggesting suitable words from the menu, phonebook or bookmarks which then can be accessed with the Select-key.

As the memory of phones is growing the importance of search will evolve just like it did on the web and now also on the desktop.

Zi's product portfolio includes:

eZiText® provides fast, efficient, predictive one-touch entry and word completion, enhanced with the interactive learning and personalization of a user's own language patterns and behavior.

eZiTap™ combines the power of predictive texting and automatic vocabulary learning with the familiarity and flexibility of multi-tap input. eZiTap is ideal for the youth market in which multi-tap is used to create unique and fun vocabulary and texting shortcuts.

Qix™ is a new service discovery engine that provides a quick and easy method for accessing a phone's full set of features, applications and services without having to remember where and how to find them via the traditionally structured menu system.

Decuma®is a new interactive handwriting input product from Zi that mimics how humans write with pen on paper - naturally and efficiently - in a broad range of languages.

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