Monday, July 25, 2005

No Mobile Spam

From Marketers eye the mobile phone: Is spam far behind?

Companies are building databases of millions of mobile phone numbers to use in sending advertisements. With such a tsunami expected, how will consumers be protected from spam and other abuses?

But it's probably nine months to a year before ads start popping up on cell phones. Nihal Mehta, founder and chief executive of Ipsh, a San Francisco mobile marketing company, thinks it will take that long for such brands as McDonalds and Procter & Gamble to build databases of a half-million or a million mobile phone numbers.

I have done extensive work on this topic because I knew it would be a problem if not handled properly. This is the first time the consumer is in complete control. Hundreds of people (through email and conversations) have told me what they want and don't want. From this input, my business plan was created.

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