Monday, July 11, 2005

Chikka Offers Multimedia Mobile Messenger

From Manilla Bulletin Online Chikka now sends and receives pictures to and from cell phones

Chikka, a leading provider of enhance mobile messaging services has unveiled another pioneering technology in mobile messaging called multi-media mobile mail messenger (m5).

As a messaging application, m5 allows users to send and receive pictures on any mobile phone with multi-media messaging (MMS) capability

The strategy of Chikka is to provide a platform or technology such as m5, while the operator owns the brand

Its services range from mobile auctions, matchmaking, personals and anonymous chat, interactive TV, mobile alerts, airtime transfer, mobile payments, content, corporate solutins such as mobile messaging system, newsletters and hotlines, and mobile media ads and promos

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Anonymous said...

Hi. The MMS instant messenger of Chikka is actually different from the m5 platform that has been recently launched.

The MMS IM is an actual client to be downloaded on the PC and faciliates 2-way instant messaging from PC to mobile phones. The m5 platform is a technnology that enables a carrier/company to create mobile email solution, independent of mobile phone model.