Wednesday, July 20, 2005

THE Mobile Marketing Company

The blogging from the Primate will be light for a few days.

There is a tiny island in the Caribbean calling my name. I don't imagine the Internet access there to be accomodative.

This is a perfect time to refresh the mental battery so to speak as I finalize my business plan.

For the first time ever, consumers will be in control of the advertising they receive via cell phone screen. That's a powerful thing and with that power will create an exciting opportunity for the companies/people that see that.

The two key components for mobile marketing will be permission and interest. What I have done over the past 6 months is surveyed people on the street and asked questions that revealed a lot. It is with this info that I created a business plan for mobile marketing.

Instead of advertisers trying to "get" permission, I have found a business model to "give" permission to advertisers for mobile marketing.

Regular readers of PP know I keep up with the mobile news (campaigns,companies, technologies) and used to provide a lot of ideas for new business.

When I saw how big this business could be I then asked people on the street if they would use this idea, a resounding YES was what I got from EVERYONE.

After writing pages of applications for this, I felt it was time to execute

Never, has there been a time when an advertiser could reach a consumer at anytime, anywhere given permission, with such precision.

What makes Google so great? They offer a free tool (that is used daily, that advertisers can get behind with their dollars. No, I'm not comparing my idea to Google yet, but I do see this offering the same benefits.

The business model has 3 applications that generate recurring revenue. One of the applications is what every search engine bases their entire business model around. Yes, it's THAT big.

It works on EVERY cell phone out there. The consumer doesn't need Web access or a camera on the phone. There is no special program to download. The best thing of all, it doesn't require a service provider for implementation.

I have looked at this from a completely different way than all of the current models out there.

Both advertisers/brands AND consumers will want to be included in this.

It's for a mobile marketing company that wants to dominate this emerging space, and for an advertising agency that wants to get into the mobile world.

If this is you or your company Let's Discuss This


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Permission granted "for time off."

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Have a nice time in Xuma !!

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I hope the boss gave you this vacation with pay.

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