Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yahoo Introduces SMS Mobile Search

From C.Net Yahoo expands its mobile phone search functions

Yahoo is set to launch on Thursday a new mobile search feature designed to let users send short text message queries to Yahoo and receive results back on their mobile phones

The short code for this is 92466 (YAHOO).

The new SMS Search feature promises to let people get specific information in text on their mobile phones, such as weather, stock quotes and store addresses, and use shortcuts on the keypad to make it faster. For example, typing in "w" and the ZIP code will retrieve a short weather forecast, Yahoo said

Yahoo and Google are in a heated battle to be the first place people go to for information on the Internet. They have turned their attention to mobile phones and other non-PC devices and are racing to offer localized content and search to make getting Web-based information as easy on handheld devices as it is on a laptop or PC.

Unlike Google, however, White said that once a user retrieves a reply from Yahoo's text message search service, they can refresh it without having to retype the query
. That could be useful, he said, for retrieving the latest stock quote on a company.

Who will win the true mobile search race by incorporating a GPS feature into this?

In my opinion, the first mobile search company to incorporate GPS into search queries will own this space.

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