Friday, July 08, 2005

All Bloggers Read This..Go Mobile For Free

This is a MUST for all bloggers that want their site to be mobile compatible AND it's a great start for those that want to have their own mobile site in general.

In minutes, you can set-up a free mobile site that's available worldwide on any web-enabled phone, PDA or desktop PC. Each mobile site is outfitted with easy-to-use mobile channels including chat, blog, mobile feed reader, surveys, journal, forum, calendar, guestbook, bookmarks, email and more

One of the problems with keeping on top of your favorite blogs through your mobile is the compatibility of the blog site w/ mobile standards, that changes now with WINKsite

I added the link on my blog that now allows you to follow The Pondering Primate on your mobile phone. It's much faster because it lists the posts as sentences, instead of the whole story. The actual link is

Anybody that wants get THEIR OWN mobile site or make their blog mobile for FREE should sign up for this service.

To see what the site looks like on your mobile phone


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