Friday, July 29, 2005

Sony Pictures Goes Mobile

From New Media Sony Pictures reveals mobile strategy

Entertainment giant Sony Pictures has unveiled a pan-European mobile strategy that will see it creating a mobile Internet site for every major film and DVD release

The next six months is likely to see the development of an umbrella Sony Pictures mobile Internet portal to hold content from all its brands.

The first mobile Internet site to be launched is to accompany the DVD release of Will Smith film Hitch ..launched by Minick.

Mobile Internet sites will be launched for every major film release and the biggest of Sony Pictures' DVD releases. The sites will be promoted on all marketing material, including press, online and outdoors.

In the same way each major film release has an accompanying Web site promoted on above-the-line marketing, the Sony Pictures mobile Internet sites will be promoted using keywords and a shortcode.

Consumers texting into the shortcode will receive a WAP Push message back to install the site on their phone.

This is nice, but there are better ways to direct connect to the site.

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