Thursday, July 07, 2005

Google Over The Powerlines?

From India Google to back broadband venture

Very interesting...closer to creating their own infrastructure. Broadband Over Powerlines BPL is a technology I have thought could allow broadband to be deployed rapidly with minimal costs.

In developing countries, an electrical outlet is found in 90% of the homes, but the figure for a phone line is minimal.

Google Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Hearst Corp are investing about $100 million in Current Communications Group, a start-up that offers high-speed Internet connections over electricity lines, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday

Current Communications, of Germantown, Maryland, uses a technology that sends Internet signals over regular power lines, the newspaper said, citing people familiar with the situation

How much does Google spend on adding more servers? How much would it cost to make cities, counties, countries broadband enabled by enabling Internet over the powerlines?

Next question. If Google DID enable broadband through powerlines, could they ALSO attach a WiMAx/Wi-Fi to a powerbox on every street corner and offer a truly ubiquitous society?

Comments, opinions?


Anonymous said...

Interesting - Google has been on a buying spree and has said they want to do much more. Wouldn't surprise me to see them drop a chunk on this private company.

I wonder what this sort of technology would mean for the telecom companies whose infrastructure is underground and the foundation of their earnings.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the power companies would have to be paid something by the "seller" of this type of broadband service in order to "use" the power grid/lines...not unlike cable companies paying power companies rent in order to string cables along the power poles.

No Name said...

You see how quickly Google could create a broadband infrastructure play?
Remember that talk about Google offering VOIP service too?

Two things Google still needs. A GPS application to make search complete AND a mobile browser.

How will Google choose to get on the phone?...

I have an idea..who is Google's biggest customer??..or who is their biggest industry customer?

Create a killer app that caters to that group and you have your answer...

Anonymous said...

Regarding your last comment, do you think the loyaltypoint patent is in Google's way there? At the time it was purchased I wondered why Google or some other bigger player didn't outbid for it.