Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Brave New World Of Information

From Convergence: It's becoming a brave new world

It is nice to see such optimism for what lies ahead. Some "what if" ideas are presented in this article. I've highlighted them

Imagine a world where video, photography, text and music are all available from any device that can connect to the Internet at any time. Whether you're using your computer, iPod, television or mobile phone, you will have the information you need and the diversion you want

There are several big trends that together will have a massive impact on how consumers interact with content and spend their "online time":

-Cable operators putting hardware into homes that enables two-way communication, allowing viewers to respond to requests from content providers

-wireless networks already offer reasonable two-way delivery of huge quantities of information—from photos to movies

-Sharing of content and one-click purchases have become part of mass culture

-From Siemen's chief executive ""It feels like 1995 and the emergence of the Internet. We don't see any limitations to innovation."

-Ads need to be targeted. Whoever figures out the new paradigm for television advertising will win.

-Smart brands will be able to build awareness and loyalty through innovative promotions

The best paragraph in my opinion.

If we read the data carefully, and listen to the consumers, we have an unprecedented opportunity for truly two-way communication—and this brave new world could be here within the next five years!

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