Thursday, July 07, 2005

Want To Get Mobile Coupons

MyMobileCast, a company I included in my Mobile Coupons category, offers a way to get coupons on your mobile phone.

Download exclusive SMS text message coupons from your favorite restaurants & retailers directly into your mobile phone. It's free. Then simply show your mobile phone to receive discounts.

Search by your city to view participating locations, & get your mobile coupon now!

An idea for restauranteurs, retailers, promoters to start a mobile campaign

1 comment:

Scott Shaffer said...

After playing with this service and looking into it closer...this could be a real winner for the mobile industry..

Next time you are going to a restaurant, or a retailer, click on the listings to see if any of them have coupons. You don't have to wait, let the coupon come to your phone in the form of an SMS while you are on your way.

Great idea guys..