Friday, September 09, 2005

Do You See What I See?

I have a teaser of sorts for Pondering Primate readers.

I just got this months issue of Technology Review magazine and it has a great story called "Killer Maps" that discusses location-based services using GPS and maps . It discusses how Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are racing to utilize maps for information retrieval.

That part of the story isn't anything new but there was one thing that I saw that made me do a double take. Truly ingenious advertising from a company that I would never expect to come from.

I won't give it away but I will tell you it is on pages54-55 (the map) of the October 2005 issue. You won't see it with their online version because the site doesn't show images in the magazine. It involves a Google Earth picture of Chicago.

Let's just say this is a great way to get free advertising using one of Google's services.

Just brilliant.

I wonder if Google charges for this, and I also wonder if more companies (that are able) will use this same idea.

If you don't subscribe, pick up a copy at local newsstand. You will after you read one issue.

If you think you see what I see, shout it out and comment.


Anonymous said...

Reporting about other people's accomplishments must be very rewarding.

Scott Shaffer said...

Thank you, and yes it is.

I am a "glass is half full" kind of guy.

The key difference in my thinking is that I allow life to offer FREE REFILLS

Anonymous said...

Well said Scott.

Going out tomorrow to get a copy. We'll see if I can spot it. ;)

Peace. martyMAC

Anonymous said...

A guess? Sears Tower and/or Hancock can be seen/read on the applicable building or roof?

Scott Shaffer said...

Nope...this is advertising, not recognition.

Anonymous said...

What about us international readers who can't get our hands on a copy of the mag?

Scott Shaffer said...

I'll take a picture of the story and post on Mobile Moblog

Anonymous said...


Scott Shaffer said...

You are correct, GOOD WORK.

Do you see how big of an opportunity this could be?

See Free Advertising On Google?