Monday, July 04, 2005

Nokia RFID Phone Now Available

From More Nokia RFID kit available

The Nokia Field Force Solution is specifically designed for a variety of industry sectors such as security, services, utilities, health care, and government branches.

The information exchange starts by touching the RFID tag placed on objects, such as assets, billboards, meters or other equipment, with the Nokia RFID or Nokia NFC ( Near Field Communications ) enabled mobile phone.

While I'm anxious to see this technology implemented and see endless possibilities, I think information exchange thru the cell phone will occur sooner with a barcode.The technology is here AND there are barcodes on just about everything.


SoozQ said...

And who do you think will win the "race" - the marathon - that is the new frontier of physical world hyperlinks? This is not a rhetorical question. I am asking your opinion. p.s. Love the cute new primate picture!

Scott Shaffer said...

The race just started. Way too early to tell what/who will win. I think you need to see what apps consumers adopt, and then see how advertsers cater them.

Remember the search engine was a neat app at first too, now it's the advertising engine for the Internet..

Glad you like the monkey...saw the pic and it seemed approp.