Tuesday, July 05, 2005

21st Century Mobile Marketing

Managing Director at BeepMarketing give a nice summary of where mobile marketing is going.

With more active mobile phones in the UK than people and 85 million text messages sent person to person every day and more than 70 per cent of all customers using their phones for texting (Mobile Data Association) this thing is huge.

More people have access to mobile technology than desktop or laptop computers. Mobile phones are with us wherever we are, whatever age we are (more than 25 per cent of under 10s have a mobile phone according to Mobile Youth) and whatever state of mind we're in. This of course makes it a very powerful marketing tool.

But what happens next? Most data collected from text and win competitions is binned and not even analysed fully (even though it contains extremely valuable data about customer likes/dislikes and their usage of mobile phones).

What's more with the advent of mobile barcodes and tracking techniques, we can start to test different offers with different groups and begin to find out more about our customers and add to their experience of our brand.


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