Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pepsi Launches Mobile Campaign

I think it is safe to say that mobile marketing is coming.
From Pepsi kicks off global mobile strategy

Soft drinks giant Pepsi has unveiled a global mobile strategy for the first time, to be launched in multiple territories this summer.
The strategy will see the mobile Internet taking a key role, with a WAP portal forming the lynchpin of the brand's mobile activity.

The show will be promoted by an on-pack campaign. Every entrant to the text-and-win campaign will receive a WAP Push message with a link to the Pepsi WAP site. This will provide a range of free images and news

Think of how many people/ cell phone screens they will now be able to advertise to through this campaign.

Pepsi's global mobile strategy has been developed by Graphico, which has been appointed as Pepsi's global mobile agency, in association with Communicator from Australia.

"This launch demonstrates how importantly Pepsi sees extending its brand via mobile," said Graphico strategic partner Graham Darracott. "It realises what a fundamental part of its customers' lives mobile is."

My question is, tell me how Google plans to capture advertising dollars for this type of advertising once Pepsi and other brands can connect without using a search engine?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand your question at all.

Right now, brands and consumers can connect just fine without Google--there are e-mail lists, RSS feeds, and consumers who know to type in when they want Pepsi news and content.

Pepsi's use of mobile marketing is simply an extension of existing mechanisms to bind consumers and brands together, but it doesn't threaten Google at all. People still need to search for information, so Google will get their ad dollars.