Monday, July 04, 2005

Snap, Send, Sell

This could have interesting effects on the paparazzi industry, and create a new one too. Although the quality of the camera will have to improve first.


Virtually everybody now has a mobile phone, and virtually every mobile phone now comes with a camera. This means that somebody, somewhere is in a position to photograph just about anything that happens on the planet.

If you photograph a newsworthy event, you could have a valuable scoop on your hands. Scoopt represents you, making sure the right people see your photo and ensuring that you get a good deal. Scoopt is simple. Scoopt works. Above all, Scoopt works for you

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Kyle MacRae said...

Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated.

The quality from a 1.3mp camera can be absolutely fine, given decent lighting and a steady hand. Even an old VGA cameraphone can take saleable snaps. But certainly as cameras get better, the quality level improves and photos look better when published in parge formats.

The real key, though, for us, is that ANY amateur photo of a newsworthy event has potential value, particularly when the mainstream media isn't on the scene.