Friday, July 01, 2005

A Compelling New Medium

From Cape Business News A compelling new medium

South African digital marketing company Brandscape is offering marketers a remarkable new interactive technology since acquiring South African rights to Hypertag® and Redeemit®.

Picture this. You’re at the mall. A poster headline invites you to activate your cellphone’s infrared function. Then you point and click. On your screen you receive an invitation to try out a new fast food outlet in the mall. There’s also a barcode entitling you to a discount. At the door of the restaurant, you hold your cellphone screen next to a barcode scanner, your discount coupon prints out, and in you go. Sale accomplished.

Says Brandscape Director Gordon Parkin: “For the cellphone savvy marketer and consumer, it’s a compelling new medium and - unlike an SMS - it’s free to the user because there’s no network involved. For the same reason Hypertags® will operate even where there is no cellular reception

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