Friday, July 01, 2005

Consumers Help Advertisers Create Campaigns And Products

From NY Consumers,long the targets, become shapers of the campaigns

Crest, a division of Procter & Gamble, is asking people to go to the Web to vote for their favorite from a short list of contenders: lemon ice, sweet berry punch or tropica exotica.

Marketing executives say the campaign reflects an increasing interest by companies in involving consumers in their advertising

This comes with the inherent declining power of traditional media advertising

But does interactive marketing increase sales?

"If you took the time to submit a name(click on a barcode, send an SMS, take a pic) because you really wanted to win this honor, you had to have some kind of connection or like for that color in the first place," said a Crayola spokeswoman, Stacy Gabrielle

Not only are you giving them permission to market to you, but you are alerting them to your interests and YOU initiated the interaction.

Mr. Dhar said interactive marketing helps companies identify the consumers who care about their products and are most likely to buy them. Making that connection has been a challenge for companies that manufacture products and sell them through retailers rather than directly to consumers, he said.

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