Friday, July 01, 2005

Nextcode Makes ALL Camera Phones Hyperlinkable

A story that didn't get the attention I thought it would. All camera phones can now be physical world hyperlinkable

Boston, MA – June 28, 2005 – Nextcode Corporation, a leader in optical barcode solutions for mobile devices, today announced the launch of the mCode format. mCode is a powerful new two-dimensional barcode technology optimized for use with any camera phone and was created by Nextcode specifically to support access to mobile content, commerce and services.

Using the mCode technology, consumers can gain easy, one-click access to mobile content from printed materials, computer screens and other media.

Most companies that offer a barcode reading software app for the camera phone have one big problem. The lens on the camera doesn't read a barcode unless you add a special lens (not the best marketing concept). This has been a big obstacle so far for mobile industry.

Some companies offer the ability to read a 2d barcode(that funny bullseye image on a UPS package) with their sofwtare, but they can't read a barcode.

Well it looks like Nextcode has solved that problem with mCode. Any camera phone can now read a barcode and a 2d code created by Nextcode. This opens up many opportunities for all advertisers.

The package goods companies can create campaigns using their barcodes and companies without a barcode can get one created by Nextcode.

The mCode format was specifically created for use in advertising and mobile marketing. It incorporates a highly efficient data structure enabling mCodes to be printed in less than one-third the space of other 2-D codes.

Unlike other codes, the mCode format also is highly flexible in terms of shape and size, allowing advertisers to easily meet printing and layout requirements

The mCode technology also enables custom code designs that can incorporate branding, graphics, color, and unique shapes

Stay tuned for some exciting mobile campaigns from these guys.


Anonymous said...

please to tell me if you think this is good news or bad news for neomedia technology?

Anonymous said...

The website say:"Our client software is currently available for Symbian, Windows Mobile and BREW handsets. We have also have experience developing embedded client software for specific handsets. The client is written to allow for fast porting, flexibility and high performance."

Not JAVA Phones :(

Anonymous said...

Nextcode and NeoMedia have a strong business relationship as you can read at:

I think this is good news for the whole industry.

Also, the Nextcode solution does work on Java phones...

Terence said...

It seems like mCode availability to every camera-phone is based on server-side app. Just like every other code app, btw.

I am really curious, anyway, about Nextcode. Their website is a good example of how marketers can ruin a product presentation. It couldn't be more unclear. So I am told mCode is the best. And...