Friday, July 01, 2005

A Virgin That's Been Around The Block

There are a couple things I see in this story that could prove to be valuable and destructive for certain companies.

From Branson trademark suit sparks debate

'Rebel billionaire' sues small companies using word 'Virgin' -- and often wins. But is it right?

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The "rebel billionaire" Richard Branson started out some 30 years ago with a small company that he turned into one of the world's most recognizable brand names -- in part by making sure no one else used the word "Virgin" to sell their wares.

Virgin and its lawyers say that when consumers think "Virgin," they think Branson – and that any consumer who hears a company using that word in its name will think it's affiliated with Virgin Group Ltd.

I see Branson going after search engines next. That might be a tough one to prove though.

For a guy that is so innovative, surely he can think of other ways to leverage the Virgin brand name using emerging technologies and media.

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