Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jupiter Research Says Tread Carefully

Jupiter Research has a good report on all forms of advertising trends.

With its latest forecast, Jupiter Research joins other researchers to predict continued strength in online advertising

Jupiter Research also forecast that in 2010, spending on search will account for $7.5 billion, surpassing that year's estimated $7.1 billion spend on display advertising (search spending tops display advertising)

Only 5 percent of marketers sent ads to mobile phones last year, while 9 percent said they expect to this year. But the report also warns that marketers should tread carefully when it comes to cell phone advertising. Forty-two percent of 2,200 consumers surveyed in May said they don't want mobile ads, according to the report.

Well who would? I'm surprised the figure is that high.

When advertisers realize that they will have to PROVIDE SOMETHING in order to get permission on the mobile phone, THAT IS WHEN mobile marketing takes off.

Would I let FOX News send me an ad on my phone? NO way.

Would I let them display their logo with breaking alerts delivered via SMS to my phone, sure.

Maybe Jupiter Research should change that to "tread creatively"

Advertisers have to get creative to get permission


Anonymous said...

what do you have against fox news? don't tell me its because you think its too conservative. that would be too funny. the networks have been liberal for decades. fox news is just more balanced than them. all you have to do is watch it for a week and you will agree.

but anyway I think the players in mobile marketing are taking too long and users are getting too comfortable with their devices not having a marketing component.

CC in CT

Scott Shaffer said...

You misunderstood.

I love FOX News, and I have made reference to them frequently.

Nothing better than Juliett Huddy and Kyran Chetry delivering the news in the a.m..

The point I was making is that advertisers will have to offer a service/info in order to get on my phone.