Thursday, August 04, 2005

Aura Digital And Coke Launch Hypertag Technology

Recently Aura Digital had a mobile campaign using Hypertag technology to promote the movie, War of the Worlds.

Movie distributors UIP in partnership with MediaedgeCIA and Adshel, set up 10 poster panels within bus shelters around the country equipped with Hypertags.

Hypertags are short-range wireless devices mounted in the advertising posters, which send information to mobile phones via infra-red or Bluetooth.

By activating the infra-red or bluetooth capabilities on their mobile and pointing it at the Hypertag, consumers received either a War Of The Worlds branded ringtone, calendar reminders or wallpapers

The 10 pilot sites registered 1,500 interactions over a two-week period showing the potential for a national rollout of the technology

Coca-Cola will be the next to use the Hypertag technology to launch limited edition Coke with Lime flavour during August. The Hypertag component of the campaign will be delivered through the JC Decaux media network at selected sites within the Sydney CBD area

"Coke with Lime is a limited edition product targeting teens and young adults, so we're going where our market is - out and about, on the web and on the mobile phone," said John Wardley, General Manager Marketing Coca-Cola South Pacific and Korea

Some other facts about Hypertag Technology:

AURA Digital Communications is the Australian distributor for Hypertag technology

It is free for the consumer to download content from the Hypertags using either infra-red or Bluetooth

No personal information or mobile numbers are captured by the Hypertags., however the number of unique interactions is measured by the Hypertag for tracking and reporting purposes.

The Hypertag will determine what the mobile phone is capable of receiving and will sequentially deliver the content based on the handsets capability, using either infra-red or Bluetooth

Hypertag technology has been used in a wide range of campaigns for brands such as Procter and Gamble, O2, Orange, Sony Ericsson, United International Pictures, COKE and HP

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