Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is Jamdat's Blow Up A Warning?

From Real The mobile-content field is overcrowded

An interesting piece from Tero Kuittinen (sub req'd). His take is that Jamdat's blowup is a sign that there's no organic growth, and there are too many mobile content firms buring venture capital money.

He's right, have you ever looked at the ads for ringtones, screensavers in many magazines? Everybody is in this space.

I see TV ads for horoscopes delivered via text for $1.99. 4INFO gives you this for free.

An offering I can't understand is screensavers.

If you have a camera phone, and have the ability to use it, why would you pay for a screensaver? Can't you take a picture of Jessica Simpson in any of the 1000 magazines she's in and use that?

I think People magazine is doing right with their celebrity news alerts. They are giving me something (news) in return I give them permission to advertise on my phone.

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