Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mobile Sleaze Doesn't Please, Just A Tease

From The Guardian Tease not sleaze on mobile phones

I think when you look at it logically you will understand why.

Money from adult content has failed to live up to the hype.

Sex sells, according to the old marketing adage. But while the adult entertainment industry swooped on the introduction of video recorders, embraced multi-angle DVD players and hijacked the internet, mobile phones seem to have slipped its grasp.

At the height of the dotcom boom, as mobile phone companies began looking for revenues from non-voice services, adult content was lauded as a money-spinner based on its success in the online world.

The pornography industry seems to adapt to any new medium first but there is a big reason why it hasn't taken off yet.

Did you ever try surfing with your mobile phone on a site with images? I shut off the image function on my Treo just to make it go faster.

I will be willing to bet the adoption rate increases with higher wireless speeds.

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