Friday, August 12, 2005

Maxim Expands Their Mobile Marketing

From Mowave expands Maxim mobile service to 20 countries

Following a year of rapid expansion, Mowave has established Maxim Mobile has as the world's most widely distributed men's lifestyle brand on mobile phones

Maxim Mobile

Beginning in 2003, Maxim began extending its audience to wireless by partnering with Netherlands-based Mowave Inc. Mowave, formerly known as Mobile Media International, has launched 20 international mobile versions in 10 different languages

Suggestion: watch these guys. They have the perfect demographic (18-85 yr old male). What kind of mobile marketing campaigns they offer could be a great indication of what's to come.


Anonymous said...

Perfect demographics HUH!
You are forgetting about us senior citizens at 4 1/2 SCORE!

Scott Shaffer said...

2 questions Senior Citizen.

1. DO you have a camera phone?

2. Do you surf the Net with your mobile?

If you answered YES to both, I apologize. Odds say you don't though.

So why should an advertiser of a 18-35 yr old magazine cater to you?

Anonymous said...

Senior citizen responds.

IN processes of getting a camera phone. Yes I have "surfed" the net with mobile--mostly quotes. Note! your original post say 18-85 yr old
not 18-35. That's what prompted my comment.