Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Scan And Deliver

From Ad Age.com Putting scanners in shoppers hands

The Container Store mailing touted a new customer service with a clunky label, GoShop Scan & Deliver, but a potentially transformative premise.

As of this month, shoppers at the Container Store in Manhattan can register a credit card number at the counter and get a wireless hand-held scanner. As they walk the aisles, they scan in barcodes on desired items then pay for the purchases, which are delivered to their homes the same day.

But the Container Store is going the next step, eliminating the need to carry around items, wheel around carts or lug purchases home. That also eliminates physical and psychological limits on how much is purchased in a single trip.

Is the next step, registering your credit card and using your cell phone?

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Anonymous said...

Yup, a credit card (and credit limit )associated with your cell phone makes sense....because they're already in the credit business. And they have the billing infrastructure down pat and in place.