Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bluetooth Advertising To The Mobile

From Your ad receiver is ringing

It's being called different things, toothing, bluejacking, bluecasting, bluespamming, proximity marketing. It's the ability to transfer info using Bluetooth, on to the mobile phone.

Regardless of what it's called, transferring info using Bluetooth to "turn on" the physical world is catching on. This represents another form of mobile marketing.

Will this start physical world connection mobile marketing?

Shoppers have gotten used to fielding cell-phone calls in stores from family members suggesting things they might pick up. Now retailers themselves are jumping into the act.

Walk into a pilot store of the f.y.e. (f.y.e alos offers the ability to scan a DVD barcode and retrieve info using their instore kiosks. More physical world connection.) or Coconuts audio-video chains, and your Bluetooth-enabled phone may get a text message asking if you mind being hit with ads and product samples as you shop.

Those who opt in receive movie trailers, music downloads, and game come-ons.

The system is being tested in 10 stores, with an eye toward rolling it out to most of the 850 outlets owned by Trans World Entertainment Greg Harper, a senior strategic adviser at TWE, says messages will go only to those shoppers who grant permission.

"You have to say 'yes' before we send anything to your phone." In-store kiosks tell shoppers how to set their phones to get that Fantastic Four movie trailer they see playing in the store. TWE says it hasn't had any complaints yet.

If the test takes off, expect TWE to add partnerships with game and movie companies. In advertising, there's no such thing as a "busy" signal

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