Tuesday, August 09, 2005

RFID Gets Love From Boeing

From BusinessWeek.com RFID's second wave

Initially wholesalers were seen kicking and screaming about the RFID mandate by Walmart and the Department of Defense. That is starting to change now that these suppliers are seeing the cost savings.

As prices fall and systems improve rapidly, manufacturers are finally starting to embrace the electronic tagging technology

Boeing is so happy about those savings, it's about to up its bet on RFID. It plans to roll out the technology to three more manufacturing facilities on the Auburn campus in the next seven months.

Boeing is also testing RFID in tracking tools and supplies in its 737 assembly plant in Renton, Wash., and its 777 plant in Everett, Wash. With the potential for big savings in labor costs, "RFID is a no-brainer," says Tim Burke, a Boeing program manager.

All it will take is a couple of these major manufacturers to see the results, and your RFID industry comes to life.

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