Wednesday, August 03, 2005

eBay On The Mobile

From Mobile eBay on the go

eBay has become one of the major resources for finding just about anything there is out there. No matter how crazy, out-dated, or whimsical the item may be… you want it, eBay’s got it!!!

Now thanks to Bonfire Media, we can have eBay on our mobiles. Of course we can access it via wap… but thats just no fun.

Pocket Auctions is really user friendly. Once installed, you only have to perform your login once. Instead of going into options to manuever around like most apps, pressing the number key on your phones keypad will get you to where you want to be.

You can view your “my ebay” page, items that you are viewing and bidding on and you can also sign up for alerts.

Searching is very easy. Just go to the search section, enter the item that you are looking for and just like on your pc a list of items will display. Once you select the item you can view gallery photos of items. Just bid and your done!!

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