Friday, August 26, 2005

Incentivated Launches New Mobile Marketing Tool

From e-consultancy Incentivated launches new mobile marketing tool

Incentivated's Iris allows companies or their advertising agencies to run local, regional or national marketing campaigns for themselves using the very latest in text and picture messaging technology

With a single interface that can be used on any PC iris enables users to set up two-way interactions with their customers’ mobile phones, enabling customers to respond immediately to promotions or offers, as well as send one or more text or picture messages at a time

iris has an extensive range of applications including two new mobile services:

- ‘Find My Nearest’ A system that links national advertising (outdoor, print or direct mail) to the customer’s nearest outlet using Location Based Services. ( I wonder what technology they use for this)

- ‘Ticket Request by SMS’ – Allows customers to order brochures or tickets to be posted to them by texting their house number and postcode. Alternatively by sending an email address, an e-Brochure can be ordered and delivered by email.

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Jonathan Bass said...

Hi. You asked about the technology - we take a feed from the mobile (cellular) network of the participant, which contains X, Y and Z coordinates. The X and Y are the coords of the mast supporting the cell and Z is an error function. Each mobile network handles things slightly differently and the response can be compared to a Grid Reference (easting or northing) or latitude,longitude. The location information is compared to a database of landmarks uploaded to iris by the client. Pretty simple really, though there are some caveats. Regards