Monday, August 08, 2005

Will Procter Ever Take A GamBLE?

From Revolution Time for P&G to walk the talk

Procter & Gamble’s global marketing chief, Jim Stengel, said this month: I don’t have a strategy to move out of TV. I don’t have a strategy to move to the internet. We have a strategy to be with the consumer and how she’s changing.”

Stengel’s comments stand out because they echo those of Alan Rutherford, global media director at Unilever. Rutherford said last month that Unilever was also ‘all about the customer’ and that it continues to market to them wherever, whenever, and however they are.

For starters, how about tackling the device they have WHEREVER they are.

Given that both are so closely tracking their customers, how is it then that neither can quite bring themselves to commit fully to online advertising?

Let alone mobile.

To make this story complete, the interview should have taken place over the mobile.


Anonymous said...

You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink!

Scott Shaffer said...

Maybe the horse thinks it's a camel

Anonymous said...

Maybe they did not want to get the public hot and bothered. My wife tells me timing is important when it comes to getting turned on. The 2D codes may have been used to tease the press. Job well done.