Monday, August 08, 2005

Xobile's Leapscan Says "2D Or Not 2D?"

Pondering Primate readers know I was trying to see mobile marketing using a physical world connection in action at the Internext Show this weekend.

I had a chance to interview Harvey Kaplan of Xobile and their Leapscan technology. Xobile is subsidiary of Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN)

When I read Xobile and Vivid Entertainment‘s press release “leapSCAN™ utilizes a proprietary software application that allows a consumer to scan a barcode with a mobile phone camera and instantly receive a preview of a DVD movie trailer on their mobile phone via the internet” I saw something big.

Was I wrong reading this press release, to think the barcode already on the DVD would be utilized?

I admit, I was excited about seeing this. Could a major industry like porn, adopt the barcode, for mobile marketing? Pornography seems to be one of the first industries to monetize a new technology Would this be the first industry to utilize this for mobile marketing?.

No. I was disappointed. Not at what they were doing, but how they were going about it.

While I saw some great mobile applications from Xobile and Adult Entertainment, it wasn’t what I expected.

Xobile’s Leapscan technology involves scanning their own 2d code and retrieving information thru the Web. Vivid will be applying a 2d code to selected DVD covers and mobile users (providing they have Leapscan sftwr on their phone) will be able to scan the code for a 2minute trailer.

While this is a form of physical world connection for mobile marketing, in my opinion, it doesn’t make sense. Most 2d codes will adopted by companies that don’t have an identifier of their own.

Why would you add an ADDITIONAL identifier on your DVD, when there is one already capable of doing the same thing?

Why would you change your packaging at all if you didn’t have to? The logic escapes me.

“Why bend backwards for a dime, when you can bend forward for a dollar?” a good friend always says.

When I found out Leapscan was using a 2d code instead of the manufacturers barcode, my prepared questions went out the window.

I had hoped to take pictures of this technology and post on The Mobile Moblog for readers, but there wasn’t even a DVD to click on.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this technology is great and I’m sure Leapscan and AEBN will provide many interesting services with the mobile.

Maybe they just don’t know what other available technologies are out there they can use today without disrupting their packaging.

Maybe they do know but it was never told that Xobile/Vivid could set a precedent for ALL of mobile marketing by turning on their barcodes.

Comments, suggestions…Anything I should have done different?


Anonymous said...

There's a word for what they've done--it's 'backasswords'--just need to apply the most common of ALL strategies--the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid! Or, 'if ain't broke, don't fix it' should be obvious too.

Scott Shaffer said...

Sometimes the obvious isnt so obvious.

The scenery was interesting though :)

Anonymous said...

Somewhere along the way their approach probably saves that dime.
The industry is know for how they can "peal" a tomato. I doubt they will be left with only the skin.

Scott Shaffer said...

Love the comments and the wording with them.

Keep em coming..

Anonymous said...

Maybe they did not want to get the public hot and bothered. My wife tells me timing is important when it comes to getting turned on. The 2D codes may have been used to tease the press. Job well done