Friday, August 26, 2005

The Google Roadmap

From BusinessWeek Google's grand ambitions

I've been saying Google is going head to head some of the majors, and they should be worried.

In typical Google fashion, the company chose an unusual moment -- the sleepy doldrums of mid-August -- to shake up the tech world with a flurry of announcements. First, Google confirmed that it had quietly acquired mobile-phone software startup Android Inc.

Then came the surprising news that it would add $4 billion to its cash war chest with a secondary stock offering. And then on Aug. 24, the search giant announced it was getting into the instant messaging and Internet telephony businesses. No wonder tech watchers from Silicon Valley to Bangalore are all wondering the same thing:

What the heck is Google up to?

I have lots of ideas on what Google could do with this infrastructure, do you?

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Larry said...

I think Google is going to take a nice stake in Neomedia, put that with all their other pieces and have one sweet pie. I also think this pie is coming out of the oven real quick!