Monday, August 15, 2005

News Corp To Buy Blinkx

From LA Times News Corp eyes search engine Blinkx

Two questions I have. Is News Corp doing this to tap into the growing online advertising market or are they buying their own search engine because they are tired of paying other search engines for keywords etc

Whatever reason, News Corp seems to be doing everything right these days, old media companies could learn alot from them

News Corp. is in negotiations to buy Blinkx, a privately held Internet search company based in San Francisco, according to people close to the world's fourth-largest media giant.

The prospective acquisition of Blinkx is part of an aggressive bid by News Corp. to take on such Internet powerhouses as Yahoo Inc. News Corp. is trying to build a rival portal by acquiring fast-growing Web businesses and by leveraging the sites of its in-house brands, including those of local Fox TV stations, the Fox TV network and cable channels such as Fox Sports and Fox News

Blinkx would provide search capacity for the Fox portal and could give News Corp. an edge in what could be the next big sensation on the Web: search engines for finding movies, TV episodes and news clips

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JPetroInc said...

Holy Guacamole. Nice forsight. Unfortunately, I'm a few months behind, but I'm still very much in the race.

Rock On, JP