Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Future Of Mobile Search

From SERoundTable Mobile search

Yahoo, Google, AOL, Nokia and Search Engine News editor Gary Price gave their comments on mobile search.

Mihir Shah, Directory of Product Management. Yahoo!

"Directory style" browsing a pain. There is a need to easily find and access this information.

Deep Nishar, Director of Product Management at Google

He said the medium is the content and not about the Web accessible via the Web. Google had the first WAP (WML) search product in 2000.

They launched SMS search late last year (2003). After they launched Google Local, then blogger mobile, Google Search & Image Search. They just introduced the Google Mobile Web search which is a separate index just for mobile content.

AOL Mobile, Ken Thomas, Principal Product Manager.

Mobile search issues include; too many results, irrelevant, very few mobile sites, "incomplete content" messages, text only experience, and awareness & usability of short-codes.

Matthew Snyder from Nokia

Nokia wants to bring value to customers, the mobile phone is a computer in hand. One device for computer and consumer electronics (phone, video, camera, radio, etc

Gary Price (SEW News Editor, and Mobile Guru)

Future of mobile search is cameraphone searching Mobot,hold your camera up to an ad in a magazine, then info about that product will be sent back to you via SMS. So in the future you might be able to hold your camera phone up to a street sign and get info about that area.

(just recently Mobot was acquired in what TelecomWeb called "the marketing wedding of the year")

I have said before, the cell phone will be the mobile PC and the camera on it will imitate the mouse. What will be the hyperlinks? Anything that is machine readable.

Like a mouse recognizes a hyperlink on a web page, a camera on a phone will recognize a barcode, 2d code, image, logo, RFID tag and link the phone to the corresponding URL.

A barcode on a Jimmy Buffet CD could be a site for his next upcoming concert.

Every physical object becomes a website with this technology.

This is why the mobile Internet will offer so much more information that the PC Internet.

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